Friday, December 12, 2008


A few things I learned this week/month.

>Love conquers all...including an army of angry biting ants.
>Trips and tripper should be carted along on every journey. Make very good accompaniments.
>Sitting on a plastic chair with a human leg holder is better than watching sharks turn into dolphins.
>The only thing to counter nail-biting is unfortunately, nail polish- and don't tell me to put karela juice on my fingers.
>Dal loses its flavor, So does garlic bread and yeah tadpoles do turn into frogs, very ugly frogs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I arrived in Delhi about a day back, had a little time to kill at the Bombay domestic airport. Was a hugely taken aback by the beauty of the place. Never thought of Bombay as beautiful until a few months back when 'L' showed me around. Her passion for 'her place' is infectious. Anyway, didn't do much looking around,just went to a store called Balaji [just shows u can't be too far from Manipal] and bought a truckload of chocolates for Kurt.
Reached Delhi airport, and just as i hugged Kurt, two reporters from Midday came up to us and asked us about the current state of security at the know, the usual stuff they ask when something big goes down. We both answered honestly, and by honestly i mean we both said that the beefed up security is exactly what it is...BEEFED. As we were ranting on, the both of us, a security guard came up to us and demanded [crudely] to know what the reporters were asking us. Strange, I thought, almost irritatedly [if that makes any sense]. I can't help but think that all this is one big parade, where everyone one just stands around showing off their pretty feathers.
However controversial this may be, i truly feel that some of us are numbed by the things we see.
We all know what media does to us, and the people I know have heard me talk about this on numerous occasion. Let me give you an example, recently i got a news update on my phone informing me of the huge death toll [children] in China, all i did was look at it and delete it, without giving it a second thought...make that: without feeling.
It happens to all of us, if that offends you, then read it as- most of us.
While i'm at it, might as well follow the gild and make everyone happy.