Friday, December 12, 2008


A few things I learned this week/month.

>Love conquers all...including an army of angry biting ants.
>Trips and tripper should be carted along on every journey. Make very good accompaniments.
>Sitting on a plastic chair with a human leg holder is better than watching sharks turn into dolphins.
>The only thing to counter nail-biting is unfortunately, nail polish- and don't tell me to put karela juice on my fingers.
>Dal loses its flavor, So does garlic bread and yeah tadpoles do turn into frogs, very ugly frogs.


  1. Stumbled by, and was pleasantly surprised to see you up and bloggin!

    About the post: you are a quick learner.

  2. garlic lingers so that the vampires can stay away.. beware kyam, says the pot-head.. read - a thousand splendid suns and family matters while u r there in the coldness of the times..