Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh you put the thing on the fridge!

I am in dire need of excitement.
Thats it.

problem is, i keep looking to get it from conversation with other people. Obviously, through experience, that clearly, is not beneficial in any way.
People come, stay for 5 mins and leave. Those being the excitement inducing ones. The other ones continue to talk, rather, chew my brains and hang on to the few remaining shreds of it.
However, such is the state i'm in where I, will welcome any sort of communication. Yes, even from the zombiefiers.
I need to find a solution. Should i concede defeat and blabber on like Miss france or should numb myself comfortably and bear it,and or should I just keel over and DIE [of boredom of course]

Incase you're wondering wht the title has to do with this post, lets jus say that tht was the most entertainin thing i heard today. [Apart from Miss Frances'answer]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm in Delhi, if you must know. A beautiful house equipped with an eskimo-greeting German Shepherd, an aquarium with the guppies, the killers, the snail, and the to-be-gone mickey [the turtle] and yeah, before Kurt complains, Max, the glass cleaner.
The picture i'm trying to paint, is a pretty one. with the usually sofa and television, garden..yadda yadda.
So i wake up, do the usual, which includes reading the newspaper. Yeah, i actually Do read the newspaper. done w everything and i turn to htcity, and there i'm face to uh-face [?!!?] with sherlyn chopras butt sticking out in all its glory. Strangely enough, all i can think of is Karmanya Ahuja. Odd,
I think he'd approve.


I apologize,
I apologize firstly, for not posting,
I apologize, secondly for writing 'apologize' one too many times.
Now for the real apology,
Of late, and this is to myself, I've formulated a terrible habit. One that i'm ashamed of but can't stay away from. I'd like to blame it on the lack of internet. Yeah....yeah ..thts it. Why else would I put myself through the torture that is the crux of this bad habit....?
umm... spill, i must.
I'm sure a large number of ya'll know what haggis is. However delicious they* proclaim it to be. ['they', being the farmers who'd like a propagation to their name], it really is the most disgusting part of god knows what a person could imagine. believe you me, I've seen some gross looking stuff, I would share, but i fear my love life would take a beating...sigh!..
Lets just cut to the chase, the reason i'm thinking about haggis is because i've linked it mentally to my abhorous-[ I know its not a word, IT SHOULD BE] habit.

Here it is, I've started following HINDI SERIALS- bwahahahahhaha- shame upon me!!!
The likes of 'balika vadhu', uttaran, bhagyavidantawho? and the list goes on....

THERE, have ur laughs!