Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead fish

Thrown headfirst into the past, when i see things like 'alisheik' and 'billi-marliya' or whatever tht was. its been too long since i posted and i have my reasons. I think by now this blog will have only one reader- me, and strangely enough, i like it like tht. I have so much to say and haven't been able to say it out loud and being far away from the ppl i can talk to, makes it worse. I have never been the kind to keep a diary, well i did once, and my mom found it and went ballistic...good times. I suppose tht wud gather the same reaction this time too..tho my life was less of an open book as it is now. tsk.
The peer group have all..most of them..have decided to take tht leap and i don't know why its so difficult for me to come to terms with such a simple idea. it can't be that im too picky..ive always thought myself to be 'bendy' pheobe. heheh yeah i jus made a friends reference. one hailing from the above said peer group got me interested in this concept..stuck some glitter with the glue of imagination on this age old concept resulting in me thinking of gift ideas.. good i suppose, if it weren't for myself. I woke up this morning, twas like any other day, fished out a dead pet, scolded the murderer and warmed my ear following the ring of my phone. what ensued was what always ensues..nothing new..nothing playfully old either and then it happened. The glitter melted off.. not slowly like a candle would , but rather wildly, like a bit of plastic or more like hair.
And all i can do is stomp around madly in my head, coz i doubt my i could punch that far. All i see are broken sentences and bad punctuations. a question remains- Am I losing IT?


  1. Excuse me please, one more drink? Could you make it strong cuz I don't need to think.. She.. Broke my heart, my grace is gone..! One more drink and I 'll move on.. Can we talk soon?

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