Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm in Delhi, if you must know. A beautiful house equipped with an eskimo-greeting German Shepherd, an aquarium with the guppies, the killers, the snail, and the to-be-gone mickey [the turtle] and yeah, before Kurt complains, Max, the glass cleaner.
The picture i'm trying to paint, is a pretty one. with the usually sofa and television, garden..yadda yadda.
So i wake up, do the usual, which includes reading the newspaper. Yeah, i actually Do read the newspaper. done w everything and i turn to htcity, and there i'm face to uh-face [?!!?] with sherlyn chopras butt sticking out in all its glory. Strangely enough, all i can think of is Karmanya Ahuja. Odd,
I think he'd approve.